Wednesday, January 28, 2009

See How the Wii is Affecting Mary and Jude

Mary and Jude have been mimicing the boxing from the Wii. They don't actually hit eachother. :-) It is pretty cute.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Long Ride Back Home

We stayed in Houston on our way home. The kids (well, not just the kids) love hotels, so it is always a great treat to stay in one. We had a great time!

The kids LOVE elevators and this one was especially nice being glass. Great view!

Seeing swans in a hotel was quite a treat as well as the breakfast buffet and "reception" in the evening with free snacks and drinks. The "Shirley Temple" was a big hit with Kate and Jack. And of course, swimming is always a hit.

Jack trying out the bearded look!

Jude is getting very brave with pools now and kept me on edge watching him. He wanted to jump right in.

What good memories we made. Nice way to break up the trip.

And more...

Priya, Lillian and Mary spent a good portion of their day playing "Princess". They were so cute!

My little man, Jude. He is looking so grownup!

Princess Priya

Grandpa and Grandma watched the kids for us one night so we could go out for some amazing Mexican food! Yummy! Greg, Grayson & Grady were with us, but not in the picture.

"The Brothers"

I love this picture of Julia

All the grandchildren. Looks like we need a few more boys!

Lillian and Mary, so sweet.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Trip to Texas

This Year, it did not work out to get together with the whole Long family until the New Year. We made the Long trip to south ( and I mean way south) TX. Kate took pictures while driving of 2 of the states we passed through. Mississippi was the only one she missed. We had not been to Grady & Paris' house before, so that was fun. their home is lovely and their company is even better! Greg & Janna and Grandpa & Grandma also made it down, so we had a full house for a few days. It was great.

Right through the heart of Houston

The kids loved playing at the park, going on a walk with Grandma, and lots of cousin time

Jack was happy to play some football with his uncles.

Mary and Lillian

Kate and Priya

Jack and Julia
It's funny to see how Jude loves big dogs, being used to Dixie, but is nervous of little ones. He was very happy to make friends with Uncle John's dog. (Paris'Uncle)
Is that Aslan?


Ahh, twighlight walks with family. Does it get any better?