Thursday, January 13, 2011

Homeschooling Links

I was exposed to Charlotte Mason's ideas for teaching our children before I ever had kids. I loved them and implemented several aspects early on but didn't embrace them fully and practically until this past year. It has been a wonderful change! I want to share some of my favorite links here in case any of you are interested.

This site is so helpful because Linda Fay lays out exactly how she implements the methods as well as the reasons. Her posts are short and to the point. I loved that as I felt I learned much very quickly.

Ambleside Online is an amazing site, full of FREE resources including a FREE curriculum plan for all grades. This is what we are using this year. They have all Charlotte Mason's writings on here as well so you can read what she advised. She has much to say about all areas involving kids young and old.

There are many good sites, but I will stick to these so as not to overwhelm. But since a Charlotte Mason Education is largely about (one of my MOST favorite things ) BOOKS, I will add this link for a lovely, well organized booklist. Enjoy!