Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Last Visit to the Beach

Ahhh, the beach. I LOVE pretty much every thing about it. We recently made the trek down to Orange Beach to bask in the beauty and peace of the amazing Gulf of Mexico. How I will miss this!

I will add more pictures when I am not moving across the country in 3 -yes THREE- days. For now, these will have to do along with the update that the packers have our house in boxes, the movers come tomorrow, I think I am going to survive,and we are so very thankful for the friends who have been such bright spots in this busy time!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We are heading to Colorado. Not to visit. We are moving. It is still hard to believe.

Grayson's job is moving, so we are moving.

We will be sad to say goodbye to all the good friends here, but Colorado Springs will be closer to my family, so I am very happy about that!

We should know more soon as far as a time frame, but most likely by August 1st for sure.

We are extremely grateful to have a job in this economy- especially a good one that Grayson loves.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Life...

Fun day at the park

We have a knight who lives at our house. He protects us from fire breathing dragons.
He wears pajamas.

4 year old Jude showing off his new haircut.

A self portrait by photobug girl.

Stylin' Jack in the hat Kate gave him for his 11th Bday.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catching up on sweet Curtis

4 Months old. Taken after Kate's Christmas Piano recital
Curt and I spent 2 weeks in North Dakota visiting family in February. Even with borrowed warm clothes the cold was a shock to this 'Bama boy.

Doing his nightly pushups! 4.5 months

5.5 months. Soaking up the sun!

Mary and Jude have such fun with their baby brother. I hope they are always this happy to play with him!

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My Baby Sister

My youngest of 5 sisters, the baby of the family is growing up. Being 19 years younger than me, she was not much older than my own firstborn. It has been a blessing to be able to watch her grow into a lovely young lady even though it makes me feel OLD.

I am proud that she is making wise choices for her life and making good use of her "single years".

2 years ago, she was part of a mission trip to China that gave her (or increased ) a passion for orphans. In a few weeks, she will be going on another mission trip with YWAM. I am excited for her. A little jealous and slightly nervous, but mostly excited. :-) You can read about her upcoming trip here. Good job Karmen! We are proud of you and excited to see how the Lord will work through you in this new adventure!