Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Few More Pictures

It is taking me forever to get these pictures posted. Still more from our time in Sandestin. Our camera was on the fritz, so Kate took all of these. You can check out her blog for more pics and memories.

We absolutely LOVED taking family bike rides all over the resort. The trails were great,

the scenery was lovely

We would ride the bikes to the little village and then walk around, eat, sightsee.

The kids had several pools to choose from and never tired of swimming

The trams were another hit. To ride around without seat belts, what joy!

We had fun at this 50's style diner. The kids got to see a jukebox for the first time :-)

Jack - one cool dude!

The milkshakes were yummy!

Jude thought it was quite a treat to ride on the luggage rack. He loved being on the go and would bring me his shoes when we had been in the room too long for his liking.

This time of year, the resort was very quiet. Our hotel was nearly empty ( or so it seemed) I loved this lobby. It was so serene. It had an amazing veranda and I would sit out there at night . The sound of the waves, the endless expanse of sky and sea, the cool breeze, peace and quiet (!!!) what better way to end a day? Aaaahhhhh!

We spent 3 days swimming,biking, sightseeing, eating, enjoying sunsets and best of all, time with family. I couldn't ask for anything more.
It was hard to get back to "the real world" Thankfully life is rich whether we are on vacation or just going about our everyday business.
"Blessed be the Lord who daily loadeth us with benefits" Psalm 68:9

All this excitement can wear a little guy out....


Amber said...

How beautiful! The scenery there is amazing. Boy, I want to be there BAD! :-) I hope I get to come back soon. Lots of cute pictures, love the sleeping one of Jude, so funny!

Karmen said...

beautiful pictures! hope we'll get to go there next time we visit ! :)

Demetrius and Amy said...

Looks like you had a blast. Thanks for sharing the pics. love the one of Jack being a "cool" kid. Hope all is well...

bekahe said...

Love the cool dude pic of Jack! You'd never know he holds all sorts of knowledge about reptiles and such in that cool head:)

Deanne said...

Oh Cori---I can not believe how grown the kiddos are!! WOW! Even Grayson looks older--big grin--
Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.
Love Deanne

Ally said...

Amazing! It is great to get away! The kids look so big! Miss you!