Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just a few pictures from this past Fall .......

Jack turned 9 this year! He is really growing up! So nice to watch him grow. He sure is becoming more and more like like his Daddy!
The kids had fun carving pumpkins. Jude really got into it!

Yes, he is a bit ornry.

My bright eyed girl!

This is my favorite picture of Mary.

Kate had a great time at the "Reformation Night" put on by a local church. It was a fun night and very educational. Here she is with a friend, Megan, from church.
Matching sisters!

The kids have already gotten so much use out of the tramp already. Definitely a good use of our money!


Amber said...

Lots of great pics of all the kids - good way to catch up on time by doing them all in one post. I really want a trampoline, it looks like so much fun. I love the pic of Jude with the pumpkin on him, he looks so cute. And the one of Mary with the hat on - she looks adorable and so much older!

Janelle said...

Hi Cori! Your kids sure fit in the family! Too bad our internet connection is too slow to view the videos correctly! Doesn't it feel strange to have children as old as they are? Where have the years gone? My bro. Garold found your blog through mine and got a big kick out of "time traveling"!
Your kids look like sweethearts!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing all the photos... such beautiful children!