Monday, March 30, 2009

Catching up...

I have been a slacker when it comes to blogging lately, for sure. Nothing new really, I guess. ;-)

Thought I would catch up a bit on the past couple months.

Grayson and Kate enjoyed attending a "Father Daughter Banquet" in February. She looked so pretty! It was a great experience for them both.

My firstborn turned 12 in February also. Wow! Hard to believe she is 12. Can it be 12 years already? What a joy she has been from day one. It is exciting - if a bit sad- to watch her grow into a lovely, sweet young lady.

Jude is getting so much better at communicating. Be it talking or just getting his point across. It is fun to hear his new words each day!

Mary continues to her obsession with reading and spelling words. She continually asks how to spell various words and is usually good at figuring it out when I prompt her to sound it out. She brought me some of her more difficult flashcards to read. The first word was "sock" (not difficult, but I had not taught her very much about blends yet) I told her they were too hard and she said "No, Mommy, they are not. Remember "ck" says "K". That is not hard" I had mentioned that when we encountered a word containing that blend, but I just didn't expect her to get it so easily and remember. Here is a video of her reading.

Jude does not want to be left out, so he is learning his letters too. :-)

Jack has been waiting for a long time for a brother to play all the rough and tough boy games that Kate and Mary are not so wild about. Jude is getting closer! Jack will be a great teacher.

Jack the football player.

Boy, have we been enjoying the beautiful spring weather! The cool evenings are all too short lived here!


Amber said...

Nice catch up with the videos - it is like being there for a visit :-) Cute with Mary reading and Jude saying the letters was adorable. Great catch Jack and good fighting :-) Kate you looked so nice on your "date" with your dad!

Karmen said...

Kate looks so grown up and pretty. crazy to think that Mary is old enough to be reading! It's fun to be able to 'see' the kids through the videos. Jack and Jude are quite the brotherly duo :)