Monday, July 20, 2009

More on Two Year Old Jude....

Now that he is 2, Jude definitely seems
to have left babyhood behind him.

Course, how could I be sad looking at that sweet smile.
So fun to see him grow and develop more and more into a little man.
Full of funny expressions and definite ideas.

His favorite expressions lately are:
"Let me try " "Good job, Mom" "Try it again!"

"The water is fun and all, but who can resist fruit snacks!"

Jude is all boy. Sand and dirt are some of his best friends!

The look of guilt and fear.
Fear that his fun is about to end.
Mean Ol Mom will probably make him quite digging up that lovely dirt patch,
probably put his diaper back on.
Maybe even take a bath! It's so unfair!

You can tell he was oh so excited to be interrupted!

Jude showing off his glare. Boy does he loves to be silly!


Ashley said...

He sure is a handsome little man! :) What a doll.

Amber said...

So cute!! He is growing up FAST!! Love the glare! He sure likes to make people laugh it seems. I can't quit laughing at the dirty, naked southern boy :-) Boy did you fulfill a stereotype - ha ha :-)