Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The First Few Weeks

2 days old

3 days old

Mr. Serious

Weighing him on a postage scale. Had to improvise! 11 days old 8# 8 oz

2 weeks old

So sweet!

Working towards a smile

3 weeks old and 10 pounds!

I have been blessed to have my Mom come to each of my births. Her visit is always a highlight as it helps pass those last restless days before baby arrives as well as helping me survive the first few days with a new baby. I was so excited to have Mom here for nearly 3 weeks this time. Yay! Curtis is my Mom's 26th Grandchild, so she is an old pro at this. Grandchild number 27 arrived a month after Curtis, so Mom was off to attend another birth!


Janelle said...

Sounds like he's getting big fast! So glad your mom could stay nice and long. My mom stayed 11 days after Abi was born, and it was lovely! I bet Kate is a huge help! Seeing all your and Amber's baby pics makes me really miss those times...enjoy them while they last!

Amber said...

Love these adorable pics!! He is so cute and his lips are SO CUTE! He sure looks like a boy doesn't he!? Love the pic of all of you with mom - you look great!

Rebecca Bonnell said...

Thanks for all the pictures.... I finally got here and caught up on your blog and pics. Miss you so much!