Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching Up

Sweet baby boy at 6 weeks old. He is a marvelous sleeper at night, but not such a great napper. More of a cat napper. Ugg. But we are working on it! At least I am well rested to deal with it, right?!
He was 12 # 14 oz at 6 weeks. Just starting to smile in response to us. It has been hard to capture in pictures though. So sweet!

Is this one of the biggest swaddled babies you have ever seen? I tell you, he loves it! It still amazes me every time I watch his response to swaddling him when he is starting to fuss and want to sleep. You can just watch him relax. So sweet. Thought I better take a picture of him in the Moses basket for the last time! Growing like crazy.
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7 weeks
8 weeks

Just to prove that he does smile :-) 6 weeks old


Janelle said...

Wow! He's really growing fast! Love his cheeks and smile in the video clip!

Amber said...

ADORABLE!! He is such a cute little guy! It is fun to see a very boy baby when all I see is a little girl! I LOVE the pics of him resting on his arm - they are TOO cute! The video is great, such a cute smile and cute noises. I need to get a video of Audrey. I also love the pic of his big belly hanging out of his tank top - too funny. The sleeping one is great too - so peaceful and cute how he has his arms across his waist. He has changed from a "newborn" look to a "baby"! How fast time flies!