Saturday, April 26, 2008

New and Improved Jude?

Not possible right?! Well at least he is missing the poofs of hair over each ear!
Always curious, watching his brother get a haircut was great fun. He was not
excited about the clippers being used on him. After much tossing and turning
of the head trying to see exactly what were doing, he resigned himself, laid
his head against Kate, and cried the saddest little wail. Mourning the loss of
his curls? Probably not, but I certainly was.

Jude was having fun playing with these nesting blocks. Notice the tongue sticking out -oh the concentration!

Here is a video of him trying to get the blocks to "nest" so that he could make some noise.

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Laura said...

His Hair is sooo cute :) I luv the little boy haircut. Kiaran was soooo bad at getting haircuts. We took him in once and we had to leave because he was throwing a fit. He has gotten used to it now, and doesn't mind to much except the itchy part :)

Brock and Amber said...

Cute!! He looks so much older! Cute video too!!

Karmen said...

he does look alot older!