Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cat Fever!

A new cat, Martin, was added to our clan a few weeks ago. He is a brave little fellow who stands up to Dixie and is just so adorable.
He is Jack's cat, but don't tell Mary. She thinks he is hers. She told me that he should be her cat since he has blue eyes like her. Hmmm. I guess she has noticed all the comments on her "beautiful blue eyes"
I think I'm ready to switch my affections from dogs to cats (outdoor) I know, I know. My "dog snob" family is gasping in horror, but it's true. They are just so easy. And they earn their keep!

Kate was bitten by cat fever last year when tiny Sox was dropped off in our driveway. He has turned out to be one of the nicest cats I have ever been around. No attitude. No snootiness. He tolerates the kids and kills dreadful little rodents. I am a fan!
We'll see if Jack will be persuaded

Now, how could you resist this?

When I say, they tolorate the kids, that is no small feat!

How cute is this little guy?


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! He is Beautiful! I have always been a fan of Siamese, we grew up with at least one Siamese pretty much all our lives and I am very partial. Cats are definitely great! :)

Amber said...

So stinkin cute!!! I can't get over how adorable he is!! I am a fan of cats - not over dogs if I had to choose - but I do like them. Unfortunately, Brock is "allergic"! I am not sure if I believe it :-)

bekahe said...

Super cute! I think I'll travel to the cat side one day:)

Karmen said...

cute! I'm a dog person through and through but cats are definitely easier! and nice n snuggly :)

Cori and Amber said...

Ashley, the funny thing is, this cat is the kitten of a neighbor cat - a tabby mom and quite possibly a tabby dad, maybe a white tomcat (though I have been watching the neighborhood cats for a siamese or at least a white cat) No sign of a Siamese anywhere, but he sure appears to be! Weird!