Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Baby Sister

My youngest of 5 sisters, the baby of the family is growing up. Being 19 years younger than me, she was not much older than my own firstborn. It has been a blessing to be able to watch her grow into a lovely young lady even though it makes me feel OLD.

I am proud that she is making wise choices for her life and making good use of her "single years".

2 years ago, she was part of a mission trip to China that gave her (or increased ) a passion for orphans. In a few weeks, she will be going on another mission trip with YWAM. I am excited for her. A little jealous and slightly nervous, but mostly excited. :-) You can read about her upcoming trip here. Good job Karmen! We are proud of you and excited to see how the Lord will work through you in this new adventure!


Karmen said...

aww, thanks for the post! ;) I can hardly believe it myself that this is all happening, and I often question "what am I thinking?!" but when you know something's a God given desire, I guess you just know that no matter what, you'll be okay, as long as He's leading :)

Amber said...

Great post! So fun to be in the front row watching her GROW UP! And yes - it makes me feel old too! :-)