Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Last Visit to the Beach

Ahhh, the beach. I LOVE pretty much every thing about it. We recently made the trek down to Orange Beach to bask in the beauty and peace of the amazing Gulf of Mexico. How I will miss this!

I will add more pictures when I am not moving across the country in 3 -yes THREE- days. For now, these will have to do along with the update that the packers have our house in boxes, the movers come tomorrow, I think I am going to survive,and we are so very thankful for the friends who have been such bright spots in this busy time!

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Amber said...

I would sure miss the beach too!! I LOVE the beach - it is right up there with the mountains to me. However, the stuff that comes with the mountains (crisp air, cool nights, changing scenery, rustic camping, scenic treks, hikes, waterfalls and on and on) does beat the beach extras any day :-) Glad the move is going well so far - hope the next three go as well. CAN'T wait for you to be closer!!!!!