Thursday, January 31, 2008

The end of the road

More solitaire.......
Poor Mary, she was pretty miserable! On the last leg of the journey (Chicago to New Orleans), we sat in front of a couple from Fargo. They were continually commenting on the kids behavior, so when Mary started to get near meltdown mode, I warned the lady of what might be coming. This was an shortly before the very end and she replied, "Well, I'm about ready for a meltdown too, so you better put us both in the naughty chair!" They were a very fun couple. Made the trip more enjoyable!
I could not have made this 2 day trip without my helper, Kate. She was indespensable!

After 2 full days, it felt mighty good to get off the train. We had passed through 8 states, eaten endless snacks and endured a 5 hr layover in Chicago Union Station (Fun! Not!!) The kids were awfully glad to see Daddy - almost as glad as I was!

All in all, I think the trip went well and I'll be ready for another go at it in a year or so! Maybe.

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Brock and Amber said...

Fun to see train pics and hear a little more about it. What a funny lady that sounds like! It sure helps to have nice people nearby when you are stuck on the train :-)