Friday, February 1, 2008

A few other highlights...

The beach is always a bright spot in our year!
Wish I could claim that castle, but it was already there when we arrived!
Tracey Moushon came to visit in October and took these pictures while we were at the beach. We were blessed to have visits from several WCIC friends this year. Great to catch up with Scott and Jeanette, Mo & Tracey, Todd & Diane and their families! Come again anytime!! We love visitors! Just some more of the kiddoes.....

Can't forget ol' Dixie

We celebrated Jude's 1st Christmas in our new home and then headed up to Nashville to spend the holiday with Grayson's family.

Time to open presents!

I think she likes it!!

Three close in age cousins, Lillian, Mary and Priya, having fun at the mall.

Too much shopping, we need a break!
We stayed a few nights in a hotel so the kids could swim. We had a hard time getting Mary and Priya out of the pool.
We continue to stand in awe of the Lord's great mercy and grace in our lives. There is so much to be grateful for. What a amazing blessing to know the source of peace and joy in all circumstances! When I consider all that He IS and all that He does, I wonder how I could let another unthankful moment pass in my life. The One who "does all things well" is in control of my life. True PEACE.

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Brock and Amber said...

Great pics! Love them all. Cute to see the cousins on the other side