Thursday, February 7, 2008

2007 Recap

Since I did not send out Christmas cards this year, I though I would give a little overview of our year. Hopefully, next year, I will be back on the ball with that, but this year, I just had to let it go. I will be posting this in several different posts because I am having trouble with doing it any other way! Sorry if it is confusing!

We spent the first several months of the 2007 looking for a house to buy. Our lease on the current one was up in April and baby number 4 was due early May, so there was a bit of a time crunch. Finally (and it really felt that way to me after 5 months, each month bringing us closer to due date!) we did find a house. We moved in 3 weeks before the baby was born. Many times during the move, I thought "What was I thinking??" but it all worked out. We were blessed to have my parents and sister Karmen help us get things painted and settled a bit. Our church and some of Grayson's work friends also helped SOOO much with painting, moving etc. What a great blessing! It was wonderful to get settled in our own home.
Our sweet, darling baby boy - Grayson Jude - joined our family on May 8th. He is such a joy! We all enjoy him so much!

We were thankful to have Grayson's parents as well as my own around for the big day.
Sweet sleep!


Brock and Amber said...

Great idea with the recap for those of us who just couldn't get it together to get the Christmas cards out :-) I might have to steal it :-)

Deanne said...

Hi Cori!! BEAUTIFUL Blog! I love all your pictures and just keeping up with ya'all!! Miss you guys!
Love Deanne