Monday, February 4, 2008


Jack is 8. He is thrilled to have another boy in the house! He anxiously awaits the day when Jude can play football and basketball with him.
He is still our resident wildlife biologist, pouring over animal books and filling us in on little tidbits of information. He has also become interested in collecting rocks, playing chess (and trying to teach me) and pretty much any sport. He is his fathers son! They had great fun cheering on the Vikings again this year.
Almost daily during the warm weather, you can see different lizzards and frogs or toads in our yard. In this picture, Jack is holding a tiny gecko. I must say, it was pretty cute!
We got another boxer in April. Jack was elated! He loves Dixie (no, we did NOT name her ;-)!) He finally has a playmate with even more energy than him! Jack got to show off his knowledge of all things creepy during a trip to the local Exploreum.

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Brock and Amber said...

What a perfect synopsis of all things "Jack" :-) It seems the pictures summed him up well :-) Cute!!