Monday, July 7, 2008

The Blessing of a Good Father.

I have been a slacker lately. At least as far as the blogging goes. So many things to post about, so little time. I had planned to post on Father's Day about my Dad. It is a little late, but the sentiments are the same all year round!

I am so blessed to have a wonderful Dad! In this day and age, I know that that is no small thing. I have often heard comments on how impossible it it to please your parents, to "live up to their expectations" etc. I could never relate to that. My parents were the 2 people on earth that I never had to doubt their love or acceptance. Because I have experienced that, I can believe that God can love me and accept me. I am thankful to have avoided that baggage. I pray that I can be that kind of parent.

Just a few of the things I love about my Dad:


Dad is FUNNY and FUNLOVING. No drab,boring family life for us, that's for sure. Joy and fun have been a great glue, keeping all 11 of us close to this day.

Dad is a THINKER . Always pondering something whether it be a new song, or an idea or a commentary on some current event, his mind is rarely idle.

Dad a SERVANT. Always willing to give a hand. The first in line to work ,the last in line at a potluck. ;-) Quick to put others needs first.

Dad is STABLE. No drastic changes. As long as I can remember, he has been a man who loved God, loved Mom and his kids, loved music, loved jokes and laughter, was kind to those he came in contact with. This was a great source of security. No matter what craziness was going on in this world around us, if we could hear Dad playing his guitar, singing into the night, all was well.

Well, there is much more that I could write. Suffice it to say, that I am THANKFUL to have the DAD God gave me.


Amber said...

Well put and totally true!! I agree wholeheartedly! We are very lucky to have the dad we have - the parents we have! Thanks for the reminder :-)

Laura said...

Great Post :)