Saturday, July 19, 2008

Horay for Tomato Staking!

I have been reading "Raising Godly Tomatoes" . I had read through the website years ago and was thrilled when Elizabeth compiled the great wisdom from the website into a book. Very helpful! Mary has been my "strong-willed child" but "tomato staking" is making a difference!


Amber said...

Cute pics!! Good job Mary with Twinkle Twinkle!! So have the marathon nap tantrums ended? :-)

Demetrius and I have been said...

Yaay! I've noticed that it works with my Jayden as well. Definitely a "determined" little one we have on our hands.

I'll be asking for more help once he gets Mary's age.

Hope all is well!

Amy and D

Anonymous said...

cute pic's and video of Mary!!