Sunday, July 13, 2008

Little Bow-legged Boy

I'm afraid to tell me northern family and friends that we've succumbed to the southern staple of little boy clothing - "John-Johns" and rompers. Still not up for the smocked boy outfits and definitely not getting any of these outfits for Jack ( I have seen them in his size!!) but I think Jude looks pretty cute in them.

Notice the major bow-leggedness!
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Amber said...

Cute!! Yes, we will have to do an intervention if you try to put those on Jack :-) Hannah is also real bull legged like that, we were a bit concerned but seeing Jude is the same it must just be how they look when they are first walking :-)

Ally said...

He is really walking. He needs to give Khloe-Ann lessons. She is walking on her Knees. It's so weird. I have never seen a baby get around so fast on their knees? A little bow-legged ness is nothing compared to walking on your knees. Any ideas???

Demetrius and I have been said...

Spoken like a true southerner! Just kidding. You know I love the John-Johns. But, these babies are growing up too fast! We miss you guys....

D and Amy