Monday, July 21, 2008

Jude the "Not -So-Tough"

Jude is such a little rough and tough little guy. His favorite past time seems to be running into things with his "walker" - which has become more of a weapon of mass destruction now that Mr. Speedy doesn't actually need it to walk. Ever since he first learned to scoot, he has LOVED to bat things across the floor as hard as he could, chase after them & repeat the process. Of course, throwing things is also great fun. As you might imagine, being "gentle" does not come naturally to this little toughy, but we are working on it. A lot. There is much of this kind of talk in our home: "Ouch, ouch! Gentle Jude , gentle! " as I uncurl his pinching fingers and demonstrate the right way. He loves noise. Listening to it and making it. He was my first baby to not be at all frightened by fireworks. I hope he grows up to be brave and fearless, but in the meantime,we are working on being gentle! That being said, it warmed my heart to see him take a break from
banging his toys against the tile floor (switching them out to find the one that makes the most noise , of course) to be sweet with Mary's baby doll!


Amber said...

So cute! Yes, I do remember him liking to bang things around :-) I couldn't see the video, it would go for a second then stop. (?) Good picture of the two of you!

Amber said...

I got it to work! So cute to see him teetering around with it!

Anonymous said...

how funny :)
Cute Jude!