Friday, May 23, 2008

Can it Already be One Year??

So hard to believe that it has been a year since the Lord brought our sweet son, Grayson Jude, into our life. What a delight he has been! He is walking like crazy - running, really. We love his bright smile and silly faces! He says a few words "thank you", "Dixie" , "Bye- Bye", and of course, "Daddy" and "Mama". What a joy he is!

He seemed so tiny to us after our 3 previous 8 pounders

Big brother and sister are so excited!

Beautiful Boy!

Oh, my sweet boy! I love you so much! More everyday. I can't wait to see the Lord's plan for you unfold.

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Amber said...

Love this post - what an amazing time the first year of a child's life is! So fun to see his newborn pics again - he was so cute!

Laura said...

OHHHHH how cute, it's crazy looking back at his baby pic's, it's seems like yesterday when mom told me it's a boy 6 pds 14 oz baby Jude. I was a amazed he was sooo tiny :) hahah j/k compared to big ol mary and kate :)