Thursday, May 22, 2008

So much fun!

We were so excited to have my Mom, my sister, Amber and her 3 children, Madison, Isaac and Hannah come to visit us. We had a wonderful time! The 9 days went by WAY to quickly. Each day was full to the brim. Amber has documented it so well on her blog that I will just let you check it out. Why reinvent the wheel? :-) I will post some of my pictures.

Jack and Madison are within 1 year in age and best buds! They played non-stop!

Sand, sun and family - what more can you ask for??

Mary and Isaac - 2 months apart had a love - hate relationship. MOSTLY love, though!

Posted by Picasa Isaac, Madison, Jack, Kate and Mary

That wave was too close!

You can see by the wet sand that the water hit them and Jude looks none too happy about it!

Jude and Hannah are 9 days apart. I hope they will be as close as Jack and Madison. They get along well so far. What cuties!

Sorry, Amber, for stealing your picture ( and a few others!) This was taken at "The Crab Trap" in Ft. Walton Beach, as was the one below. So much fun!

Amber, Madison,Isaac & Hannah

Grandma Mary with Isaac and Mary

Thank you Mom & Amber for driving 3 DAYS!! to come visit us! We really appreciate it. It was a lovely time. It was fun to get to know my nieces and nephew better. They change so quickly. They are sweet, funny children and I look forward to watching them grow.I so, so wish that we were all neighbors. What fun we would have! Oh well, we will have to be satisfied with some great visits and nearly daily talks! I can't wait until the next time you come down, but I guess, it is my turn now!


Ashley said...

Mary looks like her name sake a bit! :) Cute pictures, thanks for always sharing and keeping us California's up to date on the happenings in your life.


Amber said...

I miss the beach already!!! I want to be back! It was worth the drive (6 days to be exact) :-) He he!

Laura said...

Such great pictures!!! I spied mom in the background in her sun hat :) way to funny :) Can't wait to come visit:)

Coriander said...

Laura, start making your plans!

Ally said...

Looks like lots of fun . I can't wait to come and visit and get to see all these sights.