Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary Brock and Amber!

Wow, 10 years! Reading your post on this big milestone in your life was a walk down memory lane for me. Man, I remember all of those pictures, those stories, those days so well. Seems like yesterday - kind of -:) I'm so happy to have been able to be a part of you guys life and to have shared countless great memories! I remember that morning at church when we all (3,4,5?? of us) stared over the balcony at Brock (after you pointed him out) just in time for him to look up at us. I still look back fondly on Mankato and all the time spent hanging out with you guys -sharing a plate (and fork) of Orange Chicken in the mall (yummy food,scary owner - only 1 fork & 1 napkin per order! ) I remember introducing Brock to his own Dad at your wedding! Reading your post, it hit me in a big way, just how intertwined our lives are and how that is exactly God's plan. His plan for families and church. Just as the church is likened to ONE body where we are ALL a part and very much inter-connected. We NEED people and our lives are so greatly enriched by eachother. That hit me anew and more deeply in looking over that post. I was seeing your life these past 10 years and yet it felt like my life too. Congrats on the past 10 years! Wishing you many more!


Laura said...

HAHAH I can't quit laughing about u introducing Brock to his dad that is soooooooo funny. I was there tooo when we were all staring over the balcony at Brock hahah soooo funny

Amber said...

Thank you!! Yes, I remember the balcony incident too! His sister was visiting and my heart sunk when I thought maybe she was his girlfriend :-) I had to die laughing over the orange chicken and brock's dad stuff! Soo Funny! That is so true about lives intertwining. I guess it means we are doing something right when looking at each others lives feels kind of like our own! I can't imagine life without the closeness we all have!