Sunday, May 4, 2008

Some oldies

I found my old camera that no longer works
and thankfully took the time to see if it
contained a memory stick in it. Glad I did!
Here are a few of the photos that were on it,
taken in 2006.

Mary was just a bit older than Jude is now.

Jack found a cute kitty. Turned out
to be the neighbors, so , though he
could not keep it, he did get to play
with it regularly.

Little missy

"Keeping up with my public really
tires me out"
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Laura said...

Cute :) Mary sure didn't have to much hair !!!!! I see the Ol' Lawrence Scrowl :( hahaha

Amber said...

good pics!! Glad you found them!!

Anonymous said...

you look good in brown!