Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nashville Trip

Grayson travels quite a bit with this new job.
Often, when his trip takes him to Nashville,
we go with him. This last trip was particularly
fun since we stayed in a beautiful hotel
downtown and had the company of several friends.
Amy and Jennifer also came with their husbands
and brought their children. We had a great time
swimming, going on walks and seeing the sights.

This was right across the street from our hotel.
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Laura said...

Looks like u just about lost Mary :) haha j/K Kate sure is getting tall won't be long and she will be taller than u !!!

Amber said...

Nice pics!! That is funny with Mary trying to scoot away and your "mother" finger trying to get her back. We sure do use that finger a lot don't we :-)

Karmen said...

very cool!=]
I really enjoyed when we all got to go there. Very nice city. I only wish we would've had more than half of a day to explore it!